Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dig It

Well boys and girls, my "dream house" sucked! I guess it didn't really suck, it just wasn't all I had dreamed it would be! I was still drooling when we were in the kitchen area but once we headed towards the upstairs, I was finally hearing Eric's voice telling me what a "piece" it was. BEAUTIFUL potential - but do we have the resources and moola to make it where it should be? Ummm, no. Especially when it is already priced more than the ol' bank account will allow. But I can say I've been there now and at least I know. No more drive bys and wonderin'...

We looked at another house today too - actually the "dream house" was our second showing. The first was a house we absolutely dig! It's a great price too! So we'll have to see what comes of that. It's a "short sale"which we don't know much about - so we're gonna do some looking into what all of that means. Point still remains that we need to sell here first. So we'll hang tight - see what the Good Lord has in store for us. Know anyone who wants a farmhouse? (I've realized that I can't clown this house as I have been - that it's too small and we have no closets, that we wish we weren't on a busy road - cause who knows, I could be talking to someone who knows someone who may be interested!)

For now? I'm having fun contacting places like EK Success Brands who signed up to follow us on Twitter (our business that is). They do huge creative stuff with Sesame Street and Martha Stewart! Wouldn't that be something!?!