Thursday, July 29, 2010


There is honestly NO PLACE like home :) Despite the dirty dishes, laundry backed up and all that comes from being home, we'll TAKE IT!

We got home yesterday around 3:30pm and settled in. Unloaded dirty clothes that were at the hospital, put the pretty flowers around from different folks, Mol played up in her room for over an hour just getting reacquainted with her babies and such. Ahhhhh...

This morning Mol and I took Jack to camp. He loves it and I can see why! What a great week for him, Bible Camp from 9-4p and he is learning and growing and having fun rock climbing/swimming/water slides/all sorts of cool stuff. Mikie is in Ohio with Nanny and Papa, due back later today. So here's to hoping Mol and I can get some shut eye this afternoon, say starting around 12noon?

I need to make an appointment for Mol in the next week with our usual doc, then the surgeon in the next 2 weeks. I'll keep ya posted on that!