Sunday, July 18, 2010

This Weekend

Whew! I guess that's about the only word for what's been going on. Again, I know I've left you hanging, but I'm hoping to get some stuff up and running to share it with ya. So here I sit on the 20th floor in our hotel room in downtown Chicago. Erk and Molly are in bed, Jack and Mikie got to go out on the town with Auntie Meg and Uncle Tony to the Cheesecake Factory. How fun is that?!

We got here to Chicago (well actually spent the past 2 nights at a different hotel outside of the city) on Friday for Meg and Tony's rehearsal. On the way Mol complained of a belly ache and whined/cried quite a bit of the way. We check in to our other hotel only for her to puke in my hands as I sit on the toilet to pee. Nice. That was the start of a weekend of no full nights sleep so far. Mol has been puking each night and has had a fever for most of the past few days. Poor baby. Ohh, and at the dinner after rehearsal she tossed her cookies all under the table at the restaurant. Every mom's dream meal lemme tell ya.

Yesterday was Meg and Tony's wedding and it was beautiful. So simple, so elegant and totally Meg. We're so happy for them and happy to be here. What a great time! I have soooo many pictures to share but I'm not sure I can from here. See, our hotel charges $9.95 per day to use the internet (I know - rip off!) but my new super cool girl phone has a feature to be used as a modem, which is what I am doing right now. Cell phones these days -what the beak!?!

Right after the wedding yesterday, we decided to run back to our hotel where I'd drop Erk and Molly off cause she was soooo in need of some sleep. I opted to drive so I'd be familiar with the 25 minute commute from the little town they got married in to our hotel. Little did I know I was speeding. On some country road I see lights and pull over figuring the cop is on his way to an accident or something. Um nope. I was getting pulled over. I didn't know to laugh or cry so I did both at the same time! Sure enough, I was going 51 in a 35 and that's what he ticketed me for. $75 ticket. Not too bad but craziness. I told the officer I'd slow down so I didn't meet him on my way back. (BTW, what kinda cop gives a girl driving her family around in a family vehicle, out of state a ticket anyway? perhaps I shoulda shown some cleavage like Erk said... HA!)

So on to today - here we are in downtown Chicago. Got here and our room wasn't ready yet so we thought we'd walk to find somewhere to eat. We got around the block and it started to pour. We were soaked. Ohh, did I mention both boys peed their pants on the way to this hotel cause they drank their entire Diet Cokes in the truck even though we told them not to? Yeah, that was fun too.

Anywho - we are alive and well (except Mol still isn't quite there) and looking forward to tomorrow when we get to see the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower and go to a night Cubs Game. Meg took the day off work to spend it with us. We can't wait! I hope this finds you all well and don't tell my kids I ate their chocolate chip cookies that were delivered a few minutes ago to our room :)