Wednesday, July 28, 2010

STATUS (Wednesday morning): MOLLY

Good morning! Mol just had her fingernails repainted and now she's putting girlie girl stickers in a crossword puzzle book that someone brought for me. But she's happy so I am too :)

So, you may wonder... how did the wee hours of the night go last night? Or maybe you don't wonder, but I'll tell you anyways. They checked her vitals around 11pm and then we both tried to conk. I'd say we were successful in falling asleep. Mol woke up at some point crying, she had gotten all wrapped around in her IV cord. Then 3:30am came and 2 nurses came in to check her. Sure enough, she had rolled on to her drain bag so they had to roll her back over and change her pants. She wanted me. So I hopped up and comforted her and back to bed. Then 5:15am, I wake up to an annoying alarm. Hmmm. This one isn't in our room. I see flashing white lights from our window. I sit up and pull back the peach colored curtains to see the fluorescent white lights flashing in the hospital rooms across the courtyard. Umm, huh. Is this a fire drill? I sit tight figuring they'd come get us if this was the real deal. No one came and after a few minutes it shut off. Ok. Lay back down, the alarm goes off AGAIN. This time I hop up and open the door only to have a nurse hurry over and say "it's on another floor, we need to keep the doors closed, we'll let you know if we need to evacuate."

HUH? So I did what any other woman would do at that time of night/morning, I put my bra on and a sweatshirt and sat in the dark, waiting. Thoughts of unplugging Mouse and wrapping her in a blanket, making a run for it down the 7 levels of stairs. Ok, I'm ready for it. I think to myself, "are there firetrucks here? Maybe there are but they don't sound their sirens cause this is the place sirens bring people?" We are where we need to be, so people say, but what if we are sitting ducks? Crispy critters? But finally it went off. Nothing said, so back to bed finally. Molly never woke up.

A little after 8a in walks our pastor, he's so sweet. Here I was at my very best, morning breath, bed head, disoriented but it didn't matter. He whispered wondering how Mol was and left. So kind. Then Erk came down so I could shower. Somewhere between there and now they came into our room and took Mol's drain OUT! As long as it took to put it in, it took a mili-second to pull it out. GREAT news. We will wait now to see what they say as far as a release gameplan.

And now all of a sudden it's after 11am? Wow! I'm guessing today will be another nap day for us. At least I know one thing, I could use one...