Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pluggin in

We got here to the campground last night and are all hooked up. The boys opted to sleep in the tent this time (it was a bit "encouraged" by us considering the 5:30am body alarm clocks they have that the rest of us don't like so much). They did pretty well in the tent, looks like tonight will be another good night for 'em. Mol slept in the trailer with us and she slept great.

It's always tricky that first night, ya know? Sleeping is lighter, no one is completely sure of where they are, I wake up a lot wondering if everyone is warm enough, etc... But we are certainly looking forward to the next 10 days here! Jay and Shawna are here too - right next to us - our doors and awnings opening to each other. This is the best setup we've ever had!

Hope this finds you doing well today? We are headed back into "town" later for Meg's shower. I'm gonna try to snap a lotta pix so we'll do some sharin later :)