Sunday, July 4, 2010


I'm trying to post some pix from Jack's birthday and it won't let me! Oh well... He had a great day, Aunt Julie even said he was "beaming" at the restaurant that night for dinner. Can you believe our first born is 7??! I remember when I was 7. He's growin' up. His bday was filled with some pretty neato presents (one is a world map for his bedroom wall that he was really geeked about) and a stop at Starbucks for hot chocolate, we stopped and picked up a few more groceries for our camping trip (and Molly peed on the floor at the store), then got Bean some dog food, headed home, ate lunch, went to Nanny and Papa's for a nice swim and playtime on the new raft, got ice cream from the ice cream truck that plays "Popeye the Sailorman" over and over, went home and got to get his "big present" his new bike! Then off to dinner out where cousin Ryan and my cousins Chris and his wife Meg stopped in. It was awesome! So many cute pix to show, if only they would post. But I'm not gonna keep trying for now. I'm gonna go see about starting the campfire since they are all at the pool and I can't go too far with Mol sleeping here in the trailer. Hope you are well and we'll check in with ya lata :)