Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Status (Day 5): MOLLY

Who's tired? You can't see it but Molly and I are both raising our hands.

We are pooped. Last night was the shortest night yet here at the hospital. I'm not sure if it was a full moon or what, but her alarms kept sounding, the power in the hospital was clicking on and off (one of the nurses said they were "testing the generators") and they flushed Mol's drain at 3am. Lets just say no sleep was had from 3a - 5a and with not going to bed until after 11pm? We are tired. Did I mention the every 1/2 hour vitals visits? Ohh yeah, that too...

But the sun is shining in our window and Mol is noticeably better. She is smiling and talking and wanting to stand up. Good signs. We still have not heard a word from the radiology docs to see when/what the status is of the drain - how long we'll need it in - if they need to move it again - when we can get the heck outta dodge. I see a buncha "white coats" in the hall, perhaps one of them will be stoppin in to see us.