Saturday, July 24, 2010

Status: MOLLY

Hey all - what a day. Poor Mousie... she is asleep now and it looks like her fever is coming down. She had a "drain" put in her belly today to get the puss out (puss, what an interesting word). She hasn't fully come out of the anesthetic but that's good actually, I hope for her sake that she can rest/sleep all night for a change. Poor baby. I tell ya what, she has handled all of this SO incredibly well.

So the drain was supposed to be at 9am. What time did it happen? 3pm. Now wouldn't you think with a huge abscess on the appendix area that they would like wanna like TAKE CARE OF IT QUICKLY!?! But they did. And we're in good hands (I hope). It was hard to see her wheeled down the hall as she dozed off in prep of the lil procedure. I won't call it a surgery cause they didn't really cut her open. But after they wheeled her away I went into the surgical waiting room to find my folks, Erk's folks, Meg (she drove here all the way from Chicago in the wee hours of the night last night, she is AMAZING), Andy, Kristen, Ryan and Rachel. They had all been up in the room as we were leaving to head for the drain, but it surely was a nice surprise to see them all waiting in there. We got laughing and it all felt great being as a family. It truly took my mind off of what was going on. (Should be noted that the boys had a birthday party this afternoon from 3p-5p that they were so geeked about so it was a nice distraction for them - being her at the hospital isn't really their fav thing to do). Anywho - they came and asked me to meet with the doc who was going to do the procedure. Nice guy. Explained that she had some "bowel loops" in the way of the abscess so they were going to move her around to see if they could get a good shot at the big problem brewing inside her lil tender hearted belly. A bit later they came out and said it went well. I went to recovery and she didn't really wake up, just lay there sucking her calloused thumb, taking a peaceful nap. Back up to our room we headed to be surrounded by more love (thanks Uncle Dick and Aunt Gill for coming up too - it meant a LOT!), and now it's just me and Meg and Mousie asleep. Meg will take off before long to sleep at our house (I bet Rocky will be licking her face again in the morning) and I'll pull out the fancy bed here and snooze. At least until they come check Mousie's vitals again.

We thank you all for praying for us, praise God for bringing her thru the little surgery bit and also for getting us here in time before her appendix ruptured. So far a tube full of puss has passed out thru the clear tubing leading to a baggie and I hope and pray for comfort for her tonight as she sleeps. I'll try my best to keep ya'll posted.