Saturday, February 26, 2011

everyone knows it's WINDY

Hello from the WINDY CITY! It's not so much windy today, as snowy. Some snow fell overnight, just a smidge. We got here safe and sound yesterday, the kids did great! We stopped on the way for a milkshake at McD's to stretch our legs and take a pee break. No other stops, everyone did well.

We did get caught in traffic (probably not by Chicago's standards, but definately mine). Thanks to Shawna for letting us borrow their GPS, "Maggie" helped us thru it. Her "in 1.5 miles, stay left" was helpful when I was 4 lanes over to the left. It was when she commanded, "in .5 miles, stay right." That's when "SH&#" came out of my mouth and I got a lil stressed. But... we got here. We first went to Meg's office to check it out. SO cool to see where she is everyday, met some co-workers. The kids and I walked down the block to a few shops while Auntie Meg got a few more things done at work, then we all headed out. WOW does Meg do a TON of walking around town!

From there we got a tour of the area and picked up Tony from the train stop. Then off to the grocery store for some basics and on home. This place is so nice, so cozy! We feel right home :) We had some pizza, watched Popeye the Sailor Man and then called it a night. Jack and I slept head to head on the L-shaped couch, Mike and Molly slept on cots.

I woke up in the night to see Molly zonked with her head at the opposite end of her bed, no covers, snoring. Mikie was sleeping like a log and Jack for some reason just couldn't sleep. He was awake about 3 hours in the night, at one point crying that he wanted to go home :( He just couldn't sleep! So we chatted and I told him to try to relax and eventually he conked out. Only to have all 3 awake by 5am-ish local time! Crazy kids!

So now we are just hanging out, Uncle Tony and the boys are playing LEGO Star Wars and Mousie is shadowing everything Auntie Meg does :) Mouse loves the kitty, Maria. She wants to go see her every two seconds!