Sunday, February 6, 2011


So... it's been a crazy few days - and that's why I haven't written. I actually haven't even turned on my laptop for 2 days, that has got to be some sorta record :)

Friday was Molly's ballet debut and it was ADORABLE! She is so freakin cute. She did well, not sure that ballet will be her "thing" but who can resist smiling from ear to ear watching a bunch of 3-4-5 year old girls learning ballet? CUTE.

Saturday we had Andy and Lindsey over for dinner which was fun - Erk "smoked" some pork and it was delish!

Today we had church and then got home and ate lunch. I went to lay down for a nap when I got the call from a lady at church. One of the girls in our mom's group was on her way to the hospital. Her husband just had a terrible accident and may have "lost his hand." I got outta bed and told Erk and grabbed my coat to head for downtown. I called Lindsey to tell her and she asked if I was already too far to come back to pick her up. I wasn't so I turned around at the corner and we headed for the ER to see Cristine, ohh my word.

Sure enough, he was cleaning a saw (while it was running) at his business and somehow cut off 2 1/2 of his fingers and part of his hand. PLEASE pray for their family. They have 3 little kids (I just held her twin baby girls for an hour in nursery this morning!) and no insurance. So many questions and fears and what lies ahead. Wow, my heart goes out to them, and I can't imagine the pain!!!!!