Tuesday, February 22, 2011

SNOW DAY (a.g.a.i.n.)

Today is another snow day. This one wasn't a huge surprise, yet wondered when I woke up this morning what we'll do today? Sitting around, watching tv, playing video games just isn't going to cut it. So...

We need groceries bad. I could sit here and order the groceries online, but we need a change in scenery. So we're gonna load up in the truck and head out soon (hoping all goes well with all 3 :) It's been a while)! We'll come on home, unload, eat lunch and then we saw an invite to join some friends at a movie this afternoon, so we are gonna do that. A much better way to spend a snow day!

Sure had fun catching up with Phyllis and Don last night :) Ohh, Molly has my coupons out! Off I go!