Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's a BOY!

I'm feeling the need for a massage or something, not that I've ever had one. I'm all worked up and just want to chill out...

The kids and I are headed to Chicago tomorrow, I can't wait! Trouble is the kids can't stop fighting/nagging/irritating each other until they get a reaction. It stresses me out to think of driving all that way with them doing that the e-n-t-i-r-e time. In the past several days, I've pulled them aside to talk about their behavior, I've talked to them as a group, I've asked their goals/intentions towards each other, I've pulled the car over to explain (surprisingly calmly) that they need to QUIT IT.

So we got home from the doctor's office this morning and it kept on. We went to see the doc cause Mikie has had a dripping right ear since last Saturday. He had an ear ache last Friday night/Saturday morning, short lived, but it hurt. So I thought in addition to Tylenol, we'd try some hydrogen peroxide in the ear. I swear it wasn't even 1/4 cap full and it gurgled, fizzed, bubbled up for a while. He stood there with his left cheek in my hand for several minutes while the peroxide did it's duty. Well, ever since then his ear has been constantly dripping. At first I thought, WOW, how much HP did I put in there? But after 5 days and Googling it? Yep, it was time to see the doc.

SURE enough, Mike has a ruptured eardrum. The kid has an amazing tolerance for pain.

When my ear "exploded" - it was the most excruciating pain I've ever experienced. Right up there with childbirth. As a matter of fact, when mine finally ruptured and blood was coming out of my ear, I thought maybe it was a boy... that a baby had just forced it's way through my ear canal. So when I hear Mike has a ruptured eardrum, I sort of feel like a wuss. So I like to say "well, my eardrum exploded and landed me in the ER..." but maybe Mike's was just as painful? Either way. He's a tough kid. Now if he'd just quick picking on Molly and ticking Jack off with his craziness, we'd be all set ;)

Anywho, from the doc's office, we headed to the body shop to see about getting our passenger side mirror fixed. A few years back a mailbox jumped out and hit the mirror and ever since it's been dorked. So we went to see and if we wanna pay $313 we can get it fixed. I settled for a few strips of duct tape and we'll see how it fairs on our roadtrip tomorrow.

From there the library and then pickup a prescription and on home. It was once we got home... I still had my coat on and I had HAD it. I mean had it. I started yelling. Seems when I get to that point, I have no control over the words, they just shooting out before I know what I'm saying. I told the boys that with this behavior I can't imagine driving 4 hours in the truck and they need to cut it out. That I'd like to have a peaceful, relaxing weekend with Auntie Meg, and with this going on, alls I'll be doing is running interference! On and on... I think they finally heard me. They quietly went upstairs and a few minutes later I was presented with this...
(Mom me and Mike are sorry for being crazy. I wrote this in orange because I thought it would be a good idea.) Jack