Thursday, February 17, 2011


Chloe-moe is here and Bean is being a turd! Not that it's outta the ordinary that Bean is weird, she's just acting like a "this is my house!" showoff!

I woke up in the night to take a leak at 4am and as always only opened one eye so I wouldn't wake all the way up. I looked over at the clock and it was a red blur. Hmm. Sure enough, when I got up for the day this morning, my eye was goopy, snotty and red. Pink eye!

Jack is back to school today so that's a good thing. So far, no call from school. I told him if he really felt puny, don't hesitate to call. He must be doin alright :)

Molly has told me a few times that she doesn't feel good so I just told her that she and I will take a little nap. She all of a sudden is feeling better!?

I hope you have a good day, whatever you are doing. Praying for safe travels for the folks!