Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It's much anticipated, been talked about for days, but will it happen? The big "blizzard" they've been predicting. Hmmm, hard to say. But the snow is starting to fall so maybe there is something to it. I just hope and pray Lindsey doesn't go into labor YET while her hubby is out snowplowing!

Mol and I had our mom's group today. For a few minutes, one of the nursery helpers had to step out to make a phone call so I filled in. So cute, picture 3 little girls, 2 of them twins that just had their first birthday, the other 10 months old, all lined up in high chairs for a snack. SO CUTE! After that, Molly and I splurged and went out to lunch at a sitdown restaurant. I must say, she was rather ornery today, with a "tude" all her own. We sat down and she turned around and said, "look at those frickin' girls!"

I couldn't help but laugh and be shocked at the same time. I told her that wasn't nice to say. She just had an edge all during lunch, that and had two potty breaks. Ohh and the funniest thing happened. After one run to the restroom, we sat back down and she happily announced to me "I just farted."

I smiled and said "that's fine, but you should say excuse me."

She kept with that look of "gas concentration" and kept saying she was farting. All the while I'm hearing it. I was like "MOLLY?!!"

Until I realized the guy in the kitchen right behind our booth was squeezing all he could out of a yellow plastic mustard container! LOL! It could not have been timed better! HA!