Sunday, February 13, 2011


Now I've done it... I lost my camera! Where the beak is it? I think I may have forgotten it at school for Mikie's Valentine's Party on Friday. Huh. Not cool. I've searched high and low. Where you are buddy?

The kids are doing quiet time and here I sit. Erk is cleaning and straightening up this and that. I took some Excedrin Migraine this morning cause yep, you guessed it, another day another headache and man, sometimes it makes me downright shaky! With the caffeine and all, I was jittery in church! I still feel that way. WEIRD! Thinking I'll call the doc this week to see about a prescription to take daily for headaches. I'm getting pretty tired of having them. I go about my day and sometimes say to myself, is this really a headache? I give it time, and yep, it is. I just don't like taking something if I don't have to. I mixed it up a bit this week and took Aleve instead of Excedrin and it helped too. Ahh well :)

Hoping to find my camera and enjoy the rest of this peaceful afternoon. Hope you have a great Sunday!