Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Jack drew this at inside recess today :) It's the solar system (along with him and a boy in his class getting too close to the sun).

Had a funny incident today. Well, a short series of them. Molly and I laid down for a short nap. Wrapped ourselves up into a "burrito" with the blanket and conked until my phone rang. I wasn't in my right mind so I answered and quickly tried to hang up. Then the alarm went off on my phone and I startled awake and sat up. I wrapped sleeping Molly back up (more like a taco this time) and went to wait by the storm door to watch for the bus.

As 3:50p approached I headed outside in my short sleeved shirt. Wouldn't you know I saw the bus thru the trees and realized she wasn't slowing down. Sure enough, the bus BLEW by at 60 mph. I waved my cold arms in the wind but she never saw me. Argh. Again? Really?

So I looked down and saw Bean's ball sitting there and kicked it in frustration. Wouldn't you know it went straight towards the road and she darted after it and I screamed her name at the top of my lungs to stop just inches from a truck going 60 mph. WHEW. So Bean and I headed on the porch to wait for the boy's bus to come back. This time while we waited I put my coat on :)

They eventually meandered back and had to get off the bus on the "wrong" side of the road. I get so nervous when they do, cause cars don't always stop. But all was well and soon we are headed to Mikie's spring program at school. Well that's the plan. With the freezing rain, it may not be on?! I hope to have some cute pictures to share tomorrow!