Sunday, March 13, 2011

i don't want it BEAN!

"here Mom"
"did you see the ball? well, here, you want it?"

"there you go, want it?"

i swear she smiles! what a NUT!
Just having a relaxing Sunday afternoon. I took a short snooze with Molly up in her bed (first time ever) and it's not quite as comfy as ours, but it felt good to take a nap. I feel like there is still some serious sleep needed to come back from this week plus flu bug that's had me down. It's craziness! The cough gives me a headache, my head is still fuzzy and food still doesn't sound so good. Although Erk has a roast in the oven that is smellin' mighty fine! It's been over a week since anything smelled so good :)