Monday, March 14, 2011


Last night at bedtime brought a surprise... Jack standing in our doorway holding his left ear. "What's going on buddy?" turned into him climbing into bed in the middle of Erk and I and taking some nasty flavored medicine. An ear ache. As if this poor kid needs anything else wrong with him after 4 weeks of fighting off crap.

So this morning when it was 7:20am and I still hadn't heard a thing from the usual early riser, I figured he was staying home from school today. Again. He has missed so much school in recent weeks, I feel they know the second they see my number on the phone at school that Jack is out sick today. Sure enough, he came lugging down the steps with his pillow and a few of his stuffed animals in tow and laid on the couch. After calling school to say he'd be out, I called the doc. For me as well. I've been putting it off for a week now, but this cough is still lingering so bad I knew it was time for me to get checked too.

Come 10:05am, we were headed out the door. Jack has an ear infection. And I was prescribed some meds to help with my lingering-ness. Off to lunch we went (Taco Bell, it's been a long time!) and I knew that Jack was alright for school. So we stopped home a minute, grabbed his coat (yes, he thinks it's summer all year) and off to school we headed. He paused a little at the thought of it, but I saw that smile as we walked down the hall at school. That glad-to-be-there-silly-grin he had on his face :) So we got him settled in and went to drop off the prescriptions.

Once we got home, I asked Mike and Mouse to take some quiet time. I have the washer and dryer running, was pulling dirty sheets off beds, doing the usual duties when I see Mike climbed into our bed. And Molly is laying on the couch. Huh? What is this noise right now? Silence!? It's eery (good word for today) and sweet at the same time...