Friday, March 18, 2011

Punky Mikie

if you ever wonder where Jack could possibly be, look no further :) this is definitely this boy's passion!

There are pretzel sticks scattered all around my feet. Yep, they broke out the snacks. Molly never finishes her bowl of cereal in the morning cause it "gets soggy" and then she is starving around 9:30a, do you have this too?

I just grocery shopped online, that was convenient! Mike isn't feeling the greatest so he stayed home today. It seems someone is sick all the freakin time here! SHEESH! Last night when the kids got home from Nanny and Papa's, it was clear Mike didn't feel good. He almost puked over at their house. This morning he has a sore throat (which we can tell by his talking) and he's just lookin' punky. Somehow he still manages to pick on his little sis and get her riled up! I've had to talk to him more than once about that today. Asking him to tone it down!! Sheesh!

So with the meal planning, grocery list making, counting boxes of cake mixes and frosting cans that are now a knocked down tower all over the table (for upcoming cakes for the school carnival), recipe books strewn all over, Mikie's school folder open and books flung all around and the sounds of "Franklin" on tv in the other room... sitting here is where you'll find me!