Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hi Smiley Guy!

Mousie and I had the pleasure of visiting with Auntie Jill and baby Aiden yesterday afternoon! It was awesome :) Aiden is so precious, sucha happy boy! It was great to see you Auntie Jill and catch up. Wish we didn't live so far apart!

Today I got to help in Jack's class with "Just Right Books" with the kids. It's so fun getting to know these kids. They each have their own personality and it comes out in their reading. I was realizing that these years in the classroom are gonna go fast. The older they get, the less Mom's they need. So I'm glad I can do it. Jack didn't want me to embarrass him when I went to leave and I even commented to him "I can tell you're really gonna miss me" but I know he likes me being there too. He just gets too cool for a few minutes ;)And now? I've sent Mike and Molly outside a few times. They need to play and get that fresh air but seem to need me to tell them how! WEIRDOS!