Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jack's Album

Just this past week, Erk had 170 of my digital scrapbook pages printed for me, all for Jack's album. It sure is fun to look back on him and how much he's grown! WOW! Pages from 2007 - current, it was fun piecing them all together in the order they need to go in for his album. I can't wait to do the same for Mike and Mousie once I get organized. Good thing I know someone who prints pages, otherwise this would be quite costly! :) Church was nice this morning, followed by Little Caesars pizza (I ate too much). The kids are doing quiet time right now, although it's more like LOUD time, but that's ok. They are playing together and no one is yelling or mad. Bean is zonked on the couch and Erk is dinkin' around. In a bit, we'll go over so Jack and Mikie can meet Nan and Pa's pup, Zoe, before they head back home tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening!