Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sprinkler Effect

Even with waking up ornery today, the Lord provided for me in a big way! The kids were with Nanny and Papa today so I got to fly some things solo. I got to enjoy a nice lunch with my wonderful friend Phyllis. We always share many laughs and walk down memory lane. Great times! Then I got to see Lindsey and her little dude Greyson. It was great to catch up and visit over hot chocolate. After that I came on home to work on some bizz stuff, watched GH, ate some leftovers and headed out to see Mikie's first t-ball practice of the season. He's SO FUNNY. He surely showed his compassionate side tonight going over to see if he could help another boy who was crying. Running to pick-up baseballs so the coach wouldn't have to. He's a good boy :) I had a riot running around the playground chasing Jack after being asked 14 times to play tag :) He's quick! Certainly has me beat. My moves to slither from getting tagged aren't as sharp as they once were. I ain't as good as I once was... I truly enjoyed his laughter as I ran after him! Just giddy, I loved it! Miss Molly had to pee (of course, one of my biggest fears being porta pottys). So we ventured on over only to find the JON was locked. "Oh darn!" I thought in my own mind laughing at my own joke, til I realized that didn't change the fact that she had to go. So I had the brilliant idea to hang on to her while she leaned back in a sitting position. I forgot to figure in the "sprinkler effect" us ladies have and got some pee on my Uggs as well as her undies and pants that were at her knees. Good thing I had a change of clothes in the truck parked not too far away!