Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How many ways can I say irritated?

Miss Molly is putting on any hat, gloves and mismatched shoes she can find. She thinks she's going outside.

"Where my oder one gwub, Mom? (where is her other glove)

The boys are outside burning off some energy. We've had a weird sorta day - Mikie, Mol and I slept in until 8a. That was some kinda miracle! Jack was up before that but stayed nice and quiet. Erk came and gave me a kiss goodbye at 7:30a and I fell back asleep for a half hour. Anyway, Jack wanted to go to Target to spend some money from his piggy bank. And on these "no school" days it's always a plus to find something to do. So we head out - they walk up and down the aisles, Mikie can't make a decision to save his life. I'm getting irritated (let's face it, I was already before this point) so any little thing (like Mol saying she had to pee, so haul everyone into the public restroom that hasn't been cleaned in a week) was just making me more and more irritable. We managed to make it thru though.

Once we were home and the boys were playing with their new found fun items (Jack a light saber and Mikie a Nerf gun) someone ended up crying, hit in the face accidentally or a bleeding lower lip. My irritated level went up about 3 notches - and I finally started yelling. Didn't even care if I woke Molly up from her nap - the boys needed to realize they had to find something creative or productive to do! No more hurting each other or whining or coming to me about everything. Go outside! Put a puzzle together! Color! Anything!

Wheweeee... so now here we are post-supper, Erk is now playing with Molly (who has 2 winter hats on and shoes on the wrong feet) and the boys are doing whatever boys do outside at dusk. Soon it'll be bedtime and time for Erk and I to watch GH :)