Thursday, February 25, 2010

Drivebys and Salmon Stink

We are home now after "doing surveillance" on our house for a while. We met up with Erk at the new mexican place in town for dinner (Bean did great in the truck - HUGE surprise!) and we took our time. Then Erk did the first "driveby" to see if the people had showed up for their showing at 7p. Problem was, our realtor said between 7 and 8, so really, who knows when they'd show. We (me+the kids+Bean) then did a driveby and saw people pulling into our driveway at what Mike says was "7:22pm." So we drove, chatted with Erk most of the time on our phones, played a game of guessing where he was and where we were. Did an occassional driveby (we figured the key is not hitting the breaks and they would never know we were stalkers) and finally after 40 minutes, the people left. So Erk got home before we did and comes in to hear the timer going off.

Lemme rewind... Erk made salmon patties yesterday and the house reaks of fish. I don't like fish anyway, so the smell seemed extra strong to me. Anywho, I made peanut butter cookies earlier thinking that would offset the smell. Umm, not so much. So I cut up some apples and put cinnamon and sugar on them, tossed that in the oven and set the timer for it to go off 20 minutes before the people showed up. Here I thought I was all cool, makin' my house smell yummy, yeah, look at me - NOT THINKING about how the timer would be going off for 2 hours!! The oven turned itself off but not the timer! How embarrassing! Now, why wouldn't they just turn it off? BEEP. BEEP. "So lemme show you the BEEP upstairs. This is a nice sized bed BEEP room with a closet BEEP." Gimme a break! HA! So funny, I swear that sorta stuff only happens to me! Now I know for next time. And by the way? Our house still smells like fish.