Friday, February 12, 2010


A conversation with Mikie at 5 ½ years old…

Mikie (talking about his future kids):

If they make a bad choice, I’ll do something really bad to them – I’m gonna put them back in school so they won’t do that and they won’t go to jail. So that’s what I’m gonna do. Then I might be a police or I might be a judge and tell them not to arrest them. OK? Would that be good? And if daddy does something wrong, I’ll tell them not to arrest him too. That be good? OK? Whenever my kids do something really wrong I will spank ‘em. Spank ‘em even when they are in high school maybe.

Mikie (random thought said outloud):

We need to get this glued on again (part of our floor).

Mikie (back at the future kids scenario):

Uhh, I don’t think anything else. Uhh if they drive too fast though they’ll have to tell me and I’ll tell them not to do that anymore. What if they don’t listen when they are little kids? I’ll spank ‘em. I mean really bad.

Mikie (on his future kids if they cause a car accident):

This is what I’ll do, I don’t know anything about that… I’ll have to guess that one when I grow up.

Mikie (thoughts on his future kids moving):

I’ll get a movin’ truck and get ‘em to do that. I would buy their house if they can’t sell it. Yeah, then I would move again after a couple years. Then someone else would have to buy it and the house would be normal.

Mikie (thoughts on the snow):

I don’t think there is anything bad. Except because it gets in your neck sometimes and makes you cold and then you feel like, you just don’t like it.

Mikie (when asked about habits):

What are habits? Well, the bad habit that I usually do is I usually try to “kid.” And usually do like the real real lies, I mean like when people tell us not to do stuff and we go ahead and do it. Last time I remember was when I think in the summer but daddy told us not to take our shirts off and go in the sprinkler but we did… that’s all I remember.