Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm Stuck

Yesterday was a crazy day, lemme tell ya. More like a crazy hour timeframe in the middle of the day I guess…

I had the opportunity to help in Mikie’s class at school from 12:30 – 2pm and it was wonderful. What a fun bunch of 5 year olds! So cute – all different but the same, ya know? I got to sit in library with them at the end of my time there and one of the little girls in Mikie’s class asked to sit on my lap. Very cute.

On my way from there to go pick Molly up at Mom and Dad’s, I called Mom to tell her I was on my way. She asked if I’d swing thru and get Dad’s prescriptions from the pharmacy – he had gone to the doc that morning and found out he has pneumonia! So I grab his scripts and head to their house. Mol is up from her nap and Mom’s friend is over visiting. I happened to check the label on Dad’s prescriptions and one of them said to take it every 4 hours. So I asked Mom if it would be ok to go give it to Dad (he was asleep downstairs already, like right after he got home from the doc’s office, poor dude). I walked on down to my old bedroom and he was laying there, shirt all undone, covers tossed to the side with his eyes closed, sorta moaning. I said, “Dad?” and that startled him awake. Most of you know, I don’t usually call my dad “Dad” it’s typically Jerk or Butthole, but this constituted a “Dad.” So we visited for a minute in between him trying not to cough (ohh, I felt so bad for him seeing him like that :() and I headed back upstairs to get Molly ready and head for home to get the boys off the bus.

In a quick decision, I thought, “I’ll go the back way…” and off Mol and I head in the truck. As we come up around the corner just about ½ mile from Mom and Dad’s, I see a white full sized DTE van sitting just off the road. So I hit my brakes thinking what the screw is this guy doing right there and realize I’m not stopping. The “back way” was all ice under the snow. So as my truck didn’t stop, I yanked my wheel to the right figuring at least I’d go into a snow bank and I did. Well, now I’m stuck. I try “rockin’ it” but nothing. I get out. Wonder why the dude in the DTE truck isn’t offering to help me. Go around the truck with it still running, clearing the snow from behind the front tires. Get back in, won’t budge. Then DTE guy gets out and walks over. Find out he is stuck too. Same thing happened to him – he came around that same corner and saw the “tree trimmers” truck in the road and hit his brakes. He somehow ended up in the opposite direction so I’m not sure if he did a 180 or what, but there we both were. He tried pushing me out. Nope. Asked me, “isn’t this truck 4 wheel drive?” Umm, yeah. Nothing. So he tells me a tow truck is on the way for him. My main concern running through my mind this entire time is THE BOYS. They are gonna be getting off the bus and I need to be at home! If I’m not, they are not allowed to drop the kids off (at their ages). So I called Mom and asked if she could cover me, which she gracefully did (thanks MOM!). So back to my snowbank and Mol asking me, “what doin’ Mom?” from the backseat.

One of the tree trimmer guys (who is working with a crew) walks over with some equipment and tries to clear the snow from around DTE van’s tires. DTE guy is still stuck. The tow truck shows up. He starts spinning his tires at the top of the hill. I’m still not sure how I’m gonna get out, but figured I’d just go with the flow. I happened to look up at the top of the hill where tow truck guy is and notice. Umm, no it’s not! Yeah it was. His butt was completely showing. I turned and then looked back and turned away and made a shocked look on my face. Oh no he isn’t!

Next thing I know, ½ ass showing guy is hooking up my truck, not DTE’s and while bending over to hook me up, his pants managed to drop all the way down. Like as in, ENTIRE BUTT SHOT. I couldn’t believe it! He walks on up to his tow truck (bare buns hanging in the wind) and I yell, “so do I get in it?” and he yells, “yep, get in and put ‘er in neutral.” So I do and 2 minutes later, Molly and I are unstuck. In the meantime, tree trimmers pulled DTE out with some equipment they had.

My new friend DTE guy walks up alongside my truck and says, “well, you just got a free tow, I’ll sign for it.” That was very nice. As he was gonna go sign the paperwork with butt crack guy, I thanked him repeatedly and asked, “will you mention to the tow truck driver that his butt is showing?” The DTE guy didn’t think it was quite as funny as I did, but apparently has had this guy help him before and he always sees the man’s arse. So I chuckle, watch in my side mirror as DTE signs the paperwork. He walks back up to my truck to get to his van and I thank him again and ask, “so, did you have the pants conversation?” He smiled and kept walking.

Finally, on the road again and headed home. Good thing Mom was there to get the boys off the bus! While they were waiting for me and Mol to get home, Bean and Rocky (Rock is here til Tuesday) destroyed our dining room blind, again. Yep Erk, did you notice it’s ½ way up? They were so excited to see Mom and the boys and wanted to come out to play, but Mom didn’t have a key.

During the drive home, I get a text. It’s from our realtor wondering if we’d think about a ‘1 year land contract with $10,000 down.’ Huh? So I text him back that I have no idea what that means and he calls me. Apparently some folks who used to live on our road were foreclosed on a few years back and can’t qualify for a mortgage yet. Anywho – we are looking into what all of it would mean and we’ll have to see. These terms “land contract” “short sale” and “foreclosure” are so commonplace anymore. Crazy how that goes.

Anywho – so that was the weirdness from yesterday. I’m happy to report that Dad seems to be feeling gradually stronger. Please pray for him and my mom who is having a biopsy tomorrow. Whew – when it rains, it pours!