Saturday, February 27, 2010

Driver's Seat

I think one of the things I dislike most about the snow is how... after your car is parked outside for a while (like in my case, last night while Shawna and I sat and scrapbooked at Starbucks for a few hours) and it's been snowing, when you go to open your driver door, the snow wishes into the car and on the front seat. There my driver's seat sits, covered in snow, when it's already a shock to the system to be out in the cold after being warm inside.

So after brushing the light flakes off my driver's seat and ploppin in, I didn't wanna wait for the truck to defrost. We've all been there - figuring it'll be no problem, before long you'll be able to see out of the windshield. Well, I had a small oval that was clear on the windshield that I had to hunch over to see out of, but figured I'd go for it. I get on the road, snow blowin' and not seeming to defrost so quickly - my wipers weren't even touchin it. I was at a complete loss and had to pull over. I wait there (why I couldn't wait in the Starbucks parking lot for 2 minutes is beyond me) and things become clearer. Back on the road I go and see a car that had been near me in a ditch. I thought, WOW, by the grace of God I pulled off when I did! I may have hit that dude! So off I continue and yep, I got home unscathed.