Thursday, February 25, 2010

Insane Sanity

Seems it's been a crazy week! I pulled a muscle in my neck this morning while trying to shave my legs (something I don't do near enough, guess I should so those muscles stay loose!) so I can't turn to the right without turning my whole body. I just unclogged the upstairs toilet even though I asked twice this morning #1, is the toilet clogged and #2 what smells like poop. I guess I shoulda gone and checked - aka followed my inSTINKs, but I didn't. So while we were out running errands (including the library), it sat there and stewed. Nice visual I know...

Now the dog is outside barking at who knows what and the kids are supposed to be doing quiet time and Mol napping. But Mol saw me in the bathroom upstairs and started talkin. I just went about my plunging business and came back down here thinking now the house will give me some peace. But then comes Mikie to tell me Molly wants some water. Ohh and she has to go potty. How do kids learn this sorta stuff SO YOUNG!? Stallin'! I asked Mike to get her up and help her go potty. He did, giggling the whole time, her giggling too and once I knew they were simply dinkin, I got involved. Now Molly is back up in bed and the boys know I mean QUIET with quiet time and here's to hoping my sanity will return this afternoon... Ohh and we have a 7p showing tonight - yeah - better get doin' laundry!