Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Good morning! Hunter is here and although he still looks like he feels like poop, I can tell he has a little more energy than Monday. He's got a sinus infection and ear infection, poor baby! Molly is already munchin on a snack and it's not even 9a!

The boys got on the bus like troopers this morning. I was able to stand out by the bus stop with them today (in the middle of our front yard) since Erk was still home. Mol watched us from the family room window. Then come in the house only to find she has "poo poos" in her pants! Yep, underpants. Mmm, always a treat :) But we got 'er all cleaned up and was told when Hunter was dropped off that he puked this morning - here's to hoping today isn't puke+poop all day! HA!

Better empty the dishwasher and clean up a little. Nothing back from the showing the other day - but we'll just sit tight!