Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hello, good evening... it's 10:20p and hard to believe both Erk and I are still awake. I guess the awake part isn't so hard to believe, as is that we are sitting in the same room. Seems anymore I go upstairs to watch tv and he's down here or vice versa. He's playing Tiger Woods Golf on the Playstation and here I sit on my laptop.

We went to see Mom and Dad today - had a very nice visit. Glad to see Dad up and around! Mom looked sore from her biopsy yesterday, but they are both on the mend. Good to see 'em. The kids were thrilled and did a nice job "going easy" on Papa. The boys like to tackle and punch him in the gut. But they didn't today :)

From there we went to pick up our groceries (yep, did the online grocery shopping again today and simply pulled in and they loaded them for me!) and then on home. Erk ordered pizza from Domino's and it was rather tasty. We caught Miss Slow Eater divying up her pizza amongst the dogs!

Once the kids were in bed, I settled here in this here chair with my orangish throw on my lap and found a movie on tv to watch. Erk was working on getting iTunes on my forever ago free iPod. I had no idea my phone had rung and I'd been texted until I went in the kitchen. Janet (Rocky's owner) had called and texted - she was crying... she isn't sure if someone broke into her house, but one of her dogs is missing. I called her right back and she was in tears, saying Sadie was gone. She asked if we could look for her. I asked if anyone had called the police and she said no cause they aren't sure what happened. She's in Florida still and her hands are tied! She got a call from her brother that her front door was wide open and 2 of her 3 dogs were sitting on her porch. Janet sees her dogs as her kids (as all of us dog owners do I suppose, if we admit it, eh!?) and I felt so bad. I told her I'd go right then to look for Sadie (by this time it's after 9pm). Erk said he'd go instead and grabbed a collar and headed out. He drove around, whistled, called her name, nothing. In the meantime I talked to Janet a few times and now they seem to think someone a few miles away may have her. She's gonna call me to let me know when she knows. Yikes. Poor soul!

So that's where I'm at. The kids were so cute today - did you know Mikie doesn't like to be kissed on the lips anymore? He says it's "too wet." So when we kiss him, we do as they do in England or wherever they do that where you "moo-wah" on each cheek. RARE or what!

UPDATE - they found Sadie! YEAH! Thank you Lord :)