Friday, February 5, 2010


I just dropped Molly off at my folks and now Erk and I are finishing packing for our weekend getaway! But I wanted to tell you this from last night -

Around 12:36am (roughly :) Molly started crying. I hopped outta bed to see what was wrong and she had puked. She was standing in her crib telling me,

"Mommy, akkies on it, dare puke on my pillow. Dare puke on my bwankie, dare puke on my arm."

So I got her all cleaned up and new sheet and jammies. By this point she was shaking from being cold and you know how it is after ya puke. So I wrapped her in 2 blankies and sat on the floor with her in her room and rocked her. Back and forth... We started talkin.

"Where da moon go, Momma?"

I told her it was hiding. She wondered

"the dun-dine hide-een too, Momma?"

Yep. Then we talked about how Jesus is up in the sky too. She looks out her window a minute and says,

"I can't see De-dus Mom?"

So we talked a few minutes about where He is and how He's in our hearts. So she stops quivering and I put her back in bed. She of course wants all new blankets (even though the other ones were still clean after the puke fiasko). I give her a kiss and say ni-nights. She pulls her little hand out from under the covers and waves with a big smile,

"Ni-nights moon and dun-dine too... Ni-nights De-dus."