Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Willing to

me looking like POOP hanging with Rocky and Beana
you guys getting anything off that pan???

I thought making cookies today would be a good use of time - seeing as how it's a snow day and all. The boys Valentines Party was supposed to be this afternoon, I'm not sure if they will reschedule it or not? They don't have school again until Monday so do they have one "after the fact?"

Anyway - the cookies... umm, they didn't exactly turn out. I didn't have Crisco so I used butter instead. Umm, I should know better! Flat as pancakes and stuck to the pans like glue!

I am thinking we'll head up for a rest in a few. I'm pooped! Not so sure the boys are willing to lay down, but at least play quietly in their room. Mol is ready for a snooze too. She's been doing so well with undies - she hasn't had an accident here at home since ??. Big girl :)

Well, I'd better get the boys off the Wii. Ohh and Rocky is here til next Tuesday so between him and Bean, we get some pretty animated barking going on. Bean is deeper, Rocky is one notch up so it sounds like a song (except for when someone is trying to sleep)!