Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Goings Ons

ain't she purdy? I finally gave the pocket door her final coat of paint yesterday and it looks ohh so sharp...
That freaking tooth - Mikie won't let me pull it out. He wanted "Papa to do it..." so Papa came over and Mike still didn't want it pulled. There it dangles. Cute fart!

Check out the Mrs. She and her sunglasses that she swears she must wear if the sun is out. She's already taking better care of her eyes than I ever have! What's with the look on her face?!
Not too many pictures of Jack with him being in school all day every day! He's SO OLD! He's been adjusting pretty well. He's finding it his sole mission in life to egg Mike on, but we've been working on that. Of course Mike gets all "Hollywood" when Jack does it so that doesn't help, but bottom line? It has to lessen sometime!