Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today has been crazy... up down all around...

This morning was packing lunches, showers, getting things going and out the door before 8am, like any other morning except I had to leave before 8a with Mol for her doctor's appointment (appendix). Everything looks great, Praise the Lord!

From there Mol and I stopped in to see Phyllis (at my old office) that was a HIGHLIGHT. Always good times :) Saw some faces from the past - some things never change. Smells the same, I still know the secret code to get into the restroom... the guy running the mags knew me so we didn't have to go thru. Hilarious.

Then we headed to grocery shop when Mol (in the truck) told me she just peed her pants. Nice.

I check my phone and see the school called. Trying not to panic, I call back and they say "the office did not call you." Turns out it was Mikie's teacher. I forgot to send money for pictures. Oops.

Grocery shop (trying to save a buck, unsuccessfully) and out we go.

Head to the boys school to surprise them, "we are here for lunch!" Mikie was pretty happy, Jack? He had his silly-I'm-embarrassed face on (he's the one who asked me to come sometime)! But it was fun. The little kids get sucha kick outta adults and me them. So cute.

Head on home to unload the groceries only to dump my Pepsi (which I had opened at school) all over the front passenger seat in the truck. Great.

Then I back up to unload and slam into the cow bell. Great.

Then I grab some bags which break and I drop tons of groceries on the driveway. Great.

Only to come in and realize the mess from the morning is still lingering. Boxes of cereal out, dishes all over, soggy Corn Flakes in a bowl. Nice.

Let's see where the rest of the day takes us!