Saturday, September 25, 2010


It finally came OUT! Mikie pulled his own wobbly tooth out today at Rachel's soccer game. I was shocked when he tapped me and I saw his bloody palm with his ity bity tooth.

Mol at Ry's football game

When we left Ry's game, I got in the truck and wouldn't you know it wouldn't start. DANG IT I left my lights on. Leaving Rach's game and headed to Ry's, I turned my lights on and thought, "I'd better not forget to turn them off." Um, yeah.
We ended up leaving the truck at the middle school and headed to dinner out with Andy, Kristen and the crew. After supper we went back and you wouldn't believe it, the truck started right up! So I joked with Dad "thanks for giving me a jump" and he jumped. Then the kids got in on jumpin and I wanted a picture, but with 4 or 5 pictures I took, I never got them in the air! HA! Thanks for the JUMP! not :)