Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hey guys! Sitting here scrapbookin. I'm not feeling overly creative so I had to quit. Shawna and I are hopin to get together once a week to scrapbook and once a week to talk business. I hope and pray business picks up for us. Argh. So many expenses monthly and the orders just aren't coming in like we would like. I hope and pray we can start to get some ladies printing!!

Mike and Molly (did you hear there is a new show called that?) are with Nanny and Papa while Jack is at school today. Come to think of it, Jack has been picked up by now by Papa and they are gonna feed the kiddos supper. Super prime time for them all :) And appreciated from a Momma perspective!

The neighbor Lindsey finds out what she's having today and I can't wait to hear. I'm guessing a girl!!?

Plan to grocery shop later and then get the kiddos. I hope you've had a good week? I'm tired, pooped. The retreat took it all outta me I think, it eventually catches up to ya, you know? More later :)