Friday, September 10, 2010

Walkin the halls with her baby she brought along... the boots...
After they gave her the "Tylenol" that was laced with something to make her "loopy" well, she got loopy. She didn't want to sit on my lap cause she wanted to play, but she couldn't stand up on her own two feet. The anesthesiologist was awesome. She came and made conversation with Mol about her boots and I told her how Mol got the boots for her birthday a few weeks ago. A bit later the anesthesiologist came over and said "I wanna hear more about that birthday party!" and Mol went right to her and they went on down the hall. Mol didn't even look back for me, she was content to be held by this new friend she made. It's hard to watch your baby be carried off down a long hallway, ya know? Only to have the two doors close in front of you so she is no longer in view. But I knew she was in good hands.

I went and sat in the waiting room and Mom and Dad were there soon thereafter. The surgery took about an hour (as they said) and the pediatric surgeon came and said everything went well. Even gave us a picture of the appendix they had taken out! I asked if she was still wearing her boots and he chuckled and said that was a first, he'd never seen "boots" on a patient before, teddy bears and blankies, yes.

When they called me back to see Mol, she was still asleep. Precious baby girl.

At the foot of her bed