Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WheWee Wednesday

So my hubby took the day off to hang out with me. Isn't that sweet? Awww (you can puke now if you'd like, but it's nice!). We went out to lunch and now we're getting some odds and ends things done around the house.

I drove his car this morning to an appointment and wouldn't you know I get a few miles from home and the car starts beeping at me relentlessly and the computer board in the middle of the dash is blinking "STOP!" at me. Holy crap! So I pull over and hit the hazards. Try to call Erk, no answer, voicemail. Try to call him again (he's at home with Mol and Mike at this time), no answer. Try to call again, no answer. I'm starting to freak OUT. I text him, "Call me! The car brokedown!" Nothing. I try to call again, no answer. Seemed like an eternity and he called me back. He was on the phone with work. "Ohh, just keep going, it's been doing that, no worries." I about had a heart attack but apparently the car is wrong!? HA!

I snapped this the other day, this is the house Dad lived in from 7 years old til 14 or so. Very cool to see it (it's actually not that far from our house) and think of Pops as a boy, Jack's age, playing in the yard with his brother Bob. Made me smile :)