Monday, September 6, 2010

Interview Conducted the Day Before School Begins, 9.6.10

In a recent interview (done just 8 minutes ago), I determined the following thoughts and ideas of what is to come this school year. Jack is blue, Mikie is green, Mol is purple.

What are you looking forward to the most this school year?
"having fun" "is that thunder? I kinda don't have anything." "i go to school next year."

How many friends do you plan to make?
(shrugs his shoulders) "five." "well that's a good one, I would say 5 or 10." "i like some too, two friends."

What's your locker combination?
"I don't know!" "what locker?" "three Mom."

What time will you have to get up in the morning?
"6:30" " put on my clothes and get ready." "7:02."

What if it rains?
"don't really care." "i'm gonna... where's my raincoat?" "it's not raining now."

Will you have homework?
"I... maybe." "Yes, I guess justa little bit." "yeah"

What was the most fun you had this summer?
"umm what? going swimming." "Going to Chet and Ivan's." "two Mom, two."

Where is the hottest weather?
"102 degrees." "Really? Texas." "outside."

Do you like your hair?
"of course!" (feels it) "yes!" "Yeah."

Will you play with your brother at school?
(head nod) "yes." "Yes!" "Yeah mom, I'll get a crayon."

Will you think of me?
"Yes." "Yes!" "Yeah."

What color is a zebra?
"black and white" "that's a so easy one, white and black!" "two."

How many is 1,000?
"10 hundreds?" "what the heck does that even do? one zero zero zero, a thousand." "two of them."

What time does school get out?
"Ummm 3:50" "not March... the month before July." "Uhh 7:02."

What is your teachers first name?
(shocked look) "I don't know yet!" "What the??" "Uhh, Adrian?"