Monday, September 13, 2010


I just put Mol in her bed for a nap and Mikie is in his room for some QT. I'm not sure either will stay where they are, but we'll see... I'm finding my patience is worn thin again today - not exactly sure if it's the constant, "Mom? Mom? Why? Mom?" or just me being ornery. Either way, a little QT is good for everyone.

Mikie told me today that his eyes ARE bigger than his belly button. He doesn't quite get why we keep telling him his eyes are bigger than his stomach! HA!

I guess I'd better get back on the laundry kick - been trying to do as much as I can each day leading up to Friday, knowing if I clean something obvious like the den, that it will only get messy again. Friday morning at 9a is when our digital scrapbooking "2 day laptop crop" begins here at our house. I've been anxious about it, wondered how we'll fit all the ladies, how we will fit that many cars in our driveway and even worried about Bean. But the details are working themselves out and it'll all come together! The neighbor said we can park any "overflow" cars over there, Bean now has tranquilizers and the number of ladies is less than originally expected. And hey, since all of that painting I did upstairs was accomplished knowing the retreat was coming and ladies might wanna look around the house, it feels right. On Wednesday Shawna and I will figure out how much/what food we'll need and then come Friday hopefully ladies can sit and scrapbook in peace.

I swear I add things to my list like "mop" and "dust" just so I can cross more things off! Of course I know I need to do those things! ;)