Friday, September 10, 2010

Mousie wanted Nanny to ride down to the car with her too :) Nanny rode home with us
Papa picked up Nan and Mol and I took a little rest. I heard car doors and knew Granny must be there to get the boys off the bus. Once Jack and Mike got off the bus, Granny and the boys came in to see Mol, she was still asleep on the couch when they came in. She was pleased as punch to see 'em. She cried a little when she found out the boys were going to Granny's but she wasn't.

After the boys and Granny left, Mol and I were kinda chillin' out but she started to cry and say her belly hurt. I ended up calling the doctor's office (it was after hours by then so I had to wait to hear back from the oncall doc). He was all "what dose did you give her of Tylenol..." and while I knew he was needing the info, I was so frustrated wanting something else to give her for whatever pain she was having. She just had her freakin' appendix taken out and was in and outta the hospital! Mol was crying on the floor in the kitchen and Bean was barking at me all while I'm trying to figure out dosing on the back of a Tylenol bottle!??! But once we got to the bottom of it, he figured it was gas pains from the anesthesia (sp?) and that I needed to give it an hour and call back if she's in a terrible amount of pain. Umm, ok. An hour? So thru her tears she was saying something and we finally made out she wanted to talk to Nanny. So we called Nanny and Nanny rushed over to sit with Mouse. It was so precious, they giggled and Mol would cry that her belly hurt, but then she'd get distracted and forget and giggle some more. Priceless :)
Once Erk got home with dinner, Mom left and Mol was much better. Figurin' it'd be a late night, I was in bed by 9pm. But wouldn't you know Mol did great! She got up once in the night to come down here and say, "hi Mama!" I walked her back up and put her to bed and today she has been rambunctious as ever. Even got herself into trouble at the vet when I had to stop to see what they'd recommend I give Numb Nuts to get her to calm down (for the upcoming digital scrapbook retreat here at our house next Friday).
All in all a good deal. I'm so thankful she did alright and that all of this appendix crap is behind us. Praise God for His hand, for keeping her safe and for all of the prayers lifted up on her behalf!