Friday, March 19, 2010

Air travel with a 2 year old...

With being back home, so come the messes and laundry and dishes and smashed crackers on the floor. But it sure is good to be home. Especially for Bean dog (we missed her) and to sleep in our very own beds. I didn’t wanna get up this morning!

I forgot to tell you yesterday about the little airplane incident. We’re in the air and the “fasten seatbelt” light is off and I look over to Molly who has the look on her face. She announces, “I fart-een!” but I can tell by the look that there is more going on. Sure she’s somewhat potty trained – I have to admit not fully by any means! – and changing poop in a pull-up? No fun. So we head to the back of the plane which seems to be a narrow 3 mile walk. We bumped some people along the way and finally made it. I get her in the tiny stall and what do you know, she hasn’t pooped in her pull-up yet! So I get her situated in the 2 inches of space we have and she poops on the potty. Wonderful! Except for when she stands up and smears it on the side of the toilet. Then it becomes dry-toilet-paper-doesn’t-get-it-off and someone opens the door on us and I’m trying to remain calm while the poop gets on my fingers and there is slight turbulence. Fortunately I had brought the wet wipes with me (along with a new pull-up of course) and I’m trying to wipe the remainder from her buns. Lemme tell you, she will not “spread her cheeks” very willingly so I am getting more poop on my fingers trying to pry them things apart. After all was said and done (and we about went thru the entire package of wet wipes) I thought I had poop on my jeans. So I’m trying to look at the area behind my right knee in the 2 inches of space we have, and fortunately didn’t see anything. We get back to our assigned seat and I see I still have poop on my fingernail. Whew! Air travel with a 2 year old!