Monday, March 15, 2010

What a crazy day today! Whew – glad our trip to the ER had a good result though. I guess “good result” isn’t the best way to put it since we had to go there in the first place.

Erk took the boys this morning to get a haircut. On their way back (riding on the golf cart) Mikie fell outta the side of the golf cart. He’s been hanging outside the golf cart all week and we’ve tried to tell him he’ll fall. Fortunately they weren’t going very fast, but he clocked his head pretty good. It wasn’t until Erk and the boys got home and Jack came in to tell me that I knew – I went out and Mikie was crying in the garage. He wasn’t all scraped up like I thought he’d be, and we figured he was milkin’ it a little. But once he threw up? We decided to take him to the local hospital to get checked out. He threw up a total of 6 times and after a CAT scan and being observed for about 5 hours, we were sent home. They said no concussion, but we aren’t totally convinced! He has thrown up since we’ve been home, but we are thankful he has returned to his comical Mikie self. So grateful his CAT scan and all came back normal!

on our way to the ER

Papa and Mikie in the waiting room (right before he puked the 2nd time, we just made it into the ladies room!)

poor Mikie :(

there's his bump -