Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Made It

Hey all! We are here and having a great time! The boys are at the park with Papa right now and Molly is playing with her magnetic doll thingy (like a paper doll but magnets) and Nanny and I are just chillin. The weather is getting warmer every day so that's a good sign!

We drove in the golf carts to Walmart and out to eat last night - what a hoot! Mol sits between me and Nanny with a blanket wrapped around her legs and off we go. The boys have a riot with Papa on their cart. Jack has even been allowed to push the gas petal and steer and almost tipped them over! Let's just say that's not something that will happen every day :)

Erk moved his flight up so he will be here with us 2 days earlier than expected! That rocks. We can't wait to have you here Erk/Dad!

I guess that's about it for now. We'll probably eat lunch here at the house then head to the pool later. Have a great Tuesday!