Saturday, March 6, 2010

Three Spills

3 spills -

#1: Mike dumped 1/2 of his hot fudge sundae onto the truck carpeting while we were driving. His reaction? MY SUNDAE!

#2: Jack knocked over his pink lemonade at dinner tonight and it fell right at me. His reaction: IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!

#3: Molly poked a hole thru the side of her chocolate milk at the restaurant cause she was too aggressive with her straw. Her reaction: UH OH!

We think the showing today went well!? The people were here for just about an hour! We drove by the house a few times and ran some errands. Mikie likes to be my "eyes" during the showings, I don't let on to him that I look too - cause it's his job. And he takes it very seriously.

The house is clean and that's a huge plus. Good way to leave it for Erk this week! Tomorrow is the big day - headed to the sunshine-ish state, can't wait!