Monday, March 29, 2010

What do dogs, chickens and deer have in common?

Bean and I just did something I don't think she and I have ever done. We just went for a walk/run. I guess it'd be considered more of a jog (the running parts). I feel hot and sweaty and good about myself! This morning I thought, "hey, since the kids will be at Granny and Grampa's tonight, maybe I should take the opportunity to go for a run?"

As the day wore on, the thought was less and less. On my way home from dropping the kiddos off, I stopped at McDonald's and ate crap. Then Erk and I had some cookies for dessert. Then the run felt like it had to happen. Since Bean isn't exercised nearly as much as she should be, I made the offer.

"Bean, you wanna go for a walk?"

Her big brown eyes lit up. So we went. Just as we rounded the corner on what I thought was a pretty "quiet" street around the corner from our house, a dog comes running out at us. I didn't freak cause Bean does that to other people all the time. He looked friendly enough and the owner called him in. That was the first house we passed. The very next house? Chickens! Who has chickens in their front yard?! Bean held it together pretty well as I was chuckling to myself. Before we even reached the third driveway, 4 deer come running outta the woods. I couldn't believe it! Bean went ballistic!

We kept on and jogged/walked all the way to a little baseball diamond (kinda like Field of Dreams) which was occupied so I figured I'd save Bean and I the stress of people everywhere and turn around. On home we came without any more dogs, chickens or deer. Erk says that's about 3/4 a mile from here, so it looks like Bean and I didn't do too bad for our first time out!