Saturday, March 6, 2010

Free Tape?

The kids are playing ever so cooperatively upstairs, I never want it to end! HA! I can hear each of their voices playing pretend. Great stuff!

I gotta tell ya about my day yesterday - nothing that crazy, but typical "me..." So I had my physical, yep that fun appointment all women look forward to from one year to the next. Riiiiight. Getting on a scale and being weighed? Having to strip down to the ol' skivvies so that you can get the yearly check? Well, I had Molly with me yesterday. I packed her a snack and she did just fine. Thankfully we were in and outta there in no time and I didn't get harrassed about gaining a few lbs.

Yesterday afternoon after the boys got off the bus, we headed to meet Laudie (you probably saw the pix yesterday). Before we headed over there, we ran to the post office to mail a box of stuff to Nanny and Papa. Seems silly, I know, but mailing a box of things we "forgot to pack" before Nanny and Papa left is CHEAPER than paying to fly with it down. Isn't that crazy!?

So I had a paper grocery bag full of stuff to mail. I pull into the PO and have the kids stay in the truck. I run in and grab a box, have to wait in line to ask if I can take it out to my truck and pack it, then bring it in and pay for everything at once. I so wanted to just cut in line to ask my question, but waited patiently (on the outside at least). I finally get to the front of the line.

"That's fine," the woman says so out to the truck I head. Once in the truck, I realize that I don't have tape. Didn't even think of it! So back in the PO we all head (the kids too) to pack this box. My hands are full of the grocery bag, the folded box, and a sample page I needed to mail to California for our business. We are inside and I don't see any "free tape" so guess what, I get to buy some of that too. I grab one off the shelf and go into a corner at the PO to pack up the box with all of the necessary goods. Pajamas and flip flops, toiletries (just a few minor things, ha!) and then tape the crap outta the box. The boys helped. Molly was tinkering with all the PO boxes wondering how they open. Then it hit me. I don't have the address with me! It's in the truck. So do I haul everyone back out to the truck only to come back in? Nope, I told the boys to "time me" and I took off running.

"one one thousand, two one thousand..." 41 seconds it took, but hey, I'm old! So once that was all done, we stand in line for a while to pay for our box, tape and package, ohh and the sample page. Of course I get the rundown of insurance, guarantee, blah blah blah and Molly is trying to leave the PO and I'm trying to juggle all of this. No insurance, just mail the freakin' package!