Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Crazy Day!

I suppose having a string of "bad days" is pretty normal, but I tell ya what. I told Erk earlier on the phone, "I'm gonna retire."

Whew! I took all 3 kids to the grocery store this morning for a few things we needed. Mainly all the goodies for the cake walk at the school carnival Saturday (we'll be bakers tomorrow most of the day). I had the typical "can we just look at the toys?" "Since we are here, can we go look at the video games?" Mixed with the occassional telling Molly to sit down in the cart and having her throw a nice little fit in the photo department. We survived and get out to the truck (bless Jack's heart, he bagged my groceries, he's so sweet) and there is a message and text from our realtor, a showing on the house at 1pm. My first thought was he was gonna show us a house we wanna look at. Cool! But nope, he meant a showing on our house at 1pm. Well, it was 11:43am. I called him back and said we'd make it work. So much for a "24 hour notice" eh? We get home, unload the groceries, I make lunch for the kids and try to clean, clean, clean the dirty house. Laundry everywhere, dirty dishes, messy boys bedroom. They were to clean up their room and they did a pretty darn good job except for Mikie's underwear that was hanging out of his drawer, their dirty clothes pile still in the corner behind the door and their beds all messy. So as I am literally sweating my arse off, I make their beds, vacuum up and down, clean away and even though mentally I wanted to be outta here at 12:45p, that just didn't happen. It was 1:03pm and we rush into the truck to get out. Just by a hair did we miss the people! We passed them not even a mile down the road! I bet the light was still on in the garage from the garage door opener...