Thursday, March 4, 2010


Lemme tell you a little something about Jack...

Sure he can be the kid who gives the BIGGEST "tude" to me, especially when he gets home from school. But he is the most tender-hearted kid. Like last night -

I took a muscle relaxer thinking that would help my ridiculous neck pain I'm having. Not sure if I pulled a muscle or what, but it ain't pretty. Anywho, I took the pill just after 7pm and Erk told me that it'll probably knock me out. Meg said the same thing. So, I went upstairs right away and got ready for bed, even laid down on the bed in case I conked. Here comes Molly, doing "situps" with me (so comical) and then Jack peeks thru the door.

"Can I come play too?" he asks.

"Of course!" So in he comes and he's goofin off, then comes Mikie and you can imagine our king sized bed was full of entertainment. I told the kids that at any moment, the medicine I took might make me fall asleep. I started to feel loopy, but not like I had to sleep necessarily. SO relaxed... I shut my eyes. I reopened them to feel Jack ever so gently grab my right hand and say, "have a nice rest Mom." So cute! I shut my eyes again. Jack says to Mikie,

"Mom is asleep, we should go."

Mikie of course gets right in my face (my eyes are closed but he was breathing heavy) and he starts whispering in my ear. "You sleepin' Mom?" "Helllllo?" Jack tells him again and they leave the room. Next thing I know Molly is climbing into bed to sleep with me.

I got plenty of time to sleep, all be it not the best sleep cause of my stupid neck. I shouldn't call it stupid, I know it serves many a purpose... Anywho - still walking around like Frankenstein today, so if you see us out and about and you say hello - expect my entire body to turn around :)