Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Alone Time

I've been feeling the need for some "alone time" today and now I have it. Well, at least for the moment. I still hear Molly talking to herself upstairs when she should be starin' at the insides of her eyelids. Her and I just got home from the doc's office for an ear check. He wanted to make sure her last ear infection was gone before we get on the plane this weekend and head south. Her ears look good, we got a "have a great trip" and then headed to Wendy's for a drink. I love Pepsi and since we ran out yesterday here at home (or was it the day before?), I thought perhaps this would help me out with my LEAVE ME ALONE mood. I guess it has... I got Mol a Sierra Mist and she was thrilled at having her very own "pop."

So here I sit at the dining room table, watching the drips off the porch - realizing it's sucha pretty day out. Not quite "no coat" weather, although Jack thinks any day is right for that (at least for shorts)! I'll just sit back and enjoy my Pepsi and a little quiet before the boys get home from school...